30 July 2012

this morning felt like fall.

it was the strangest sensation. it's not yet august but i heard the first melancholy strain of autumn beginning today.
[it's mostly because my nose was cold for the first time in months, but still.]
summer is drawing to a close. it's been a lovely summer, a dear summer, a social summer, a summer of bearing fruit after many years of sowing seeds. and i think i've only begun to see the firstfruits of the harvest.
one thing is certain: it hasn't been a blogging summer. sorry about that, faithful readers.
but here are a few things for which i am entirely grateful to the Lord:
-girls bible study. my eight darling little ladies come out faithfully every week. we study the Word, we pray, this past week we spent time worshiping and lifting our voices to the Lord, having been reminded that in Jesus alone is abundant satisfaction and Living Water.
-teen camp. i went back for the millionth time to work at camp, and the Lord corrected my heart before it began. things like "annie, it's not about you. it's My work. i don't need you but if you'll step back and let Me lead, i'll use you for My glory." and He was absolutely faithful. i still hear from campers nearly every day, telling me they're praying for me, sharing how the Lord has done the impossible in answering our prayers we prayed during camp, asking me what they should read next in their Bibles. it's a sweet work, and it was all the Lord's. i was absolutely blessed to be there and be part of it. my insides nearly burst with joy when i get to talk, share the Word, and pray with kids whose hearts are open to Jesus. it was basically a whole week of that, nonstop, with lots of opportunity to worship Him together as well.
-encouragement. our friends joey and rebecca came all the way out here to visit our church and spend time in the midwest with us. i was exceedingly blessed and edified, spending several days just talking and sharing about the Lord and about vision and calling and ministry. oh man. i must say my heart was stirred up once again for the work of the ministry. and for dearest old europe.
-open doors. all summer long, the Lord has been opening doors for me to walk through. doors for ministry, and friendship, and encouragement, and people to pray for, and places to fellowship. Jesus really is the One who holds the keys, and opens and no one shuts, and shuts and no one opens. "See, I have set before you an open door!" in like manner, the end of this week will find my family in a van heading west for an incredible opportunity which the Lord has opened on my behalf. more details shall follow, but it includes a voice and some songs and some instruments and a studio. i'm also very excited to see some dear friends from europe while we're out there, and lead worship together! then we'll top it all off with a few days of family vaca and spend hours feasting our eyes and hearts upon those gorgeous rocky mountains. i'm serious, i get utterly homesick for mountains. my soul longs for them, in all honesty. so anyway, my soul shall be satisfied in about a week! oh sweet blessed Lord, You're so so good to me.
i can't say this summer has been all blessing and no hardship. on the contrary, there has been a lot of spiritual warfare, a lot of battles fought on my knees, a lot of repenting before the Lord of my wayward heart. but i can say assuredly that the Lord is working here. and i'm content here. [that alone is proof of God's hand at work!!] i do not know what the future shall entail, but my faith is not in what i can see, but in Whom i have believed. and He is able to keep what i have entrusted to Him until that day. <3