30 December 2012

Set your mind on things above..

And not on things on the earth.

I'm reading Anne of the Island again, and loving it of course. This passage struck me the other day. How easy it is to get so caught up in the cares of this world and the deceitfulness of riches, and, with very little effort, have all your treasure stored up on earth and not in the heavenlies.

In reading through the Bible this year, my goal is simple: to see things from an eternal, heavenly, spiritual perspective, and not merely in terms of the temporal, earthly, physical. Not simply to read for my own benefit, but to see the Divine purposes worked out and fulfilled- both in Scripture and my life. To set my mind on things above and not on things on earth.

I want my treasure stored in heaven.

it's nearly the new year.

two thousand twelve. what an interesting year.
i thought i would leave the country, on at least five different occasions; i did not leave once.
i began the year with a very small circle of local acquaintance; i ended it with many new friends.
i didn't know what to think a year ago, but desperately wanted answers of "where" and "when" and "how" and a few times "why".
i suppose those answers came gradually; although in general they were quite contrary to my expectations.

so here i am, at the end of another year, grateful and thoughtful and hopeful; past, present, future.

i've learned a lot of lessons this year; good ones and hard ones and long ones and shorter ones.
i think i may have touched a lot of lives this year; i hope they saw Someone greater than i.
i've had sufficient platelets for over a year - hooray!
i've acquired a new instrument this year; i hope the ensuing year brings cello fluency.

i've been to california twice and driven to chicago and idaho and back.
i served at camp for a week, and was blessed indeed.
i read a lot of Oswald Chambers.
i prayed with a lot of people.
i worked out and rode my bike and even ran a straight mile a couple times.

i bid farewell to a brother temporarily, twice, and welcomed him back home on school breaks.
i finally put last year's christmas gift to use today: a beautiful shiny pair of snowshoes. it is absolutely delightful, and has taken its rightful place as favorite winter pastime.
i bid farewell to my grandma, and sang and played at her funeral.

i cut my hair - four whole inches a couple weeks ago! it's still rapunzel-esque.
i led two sweet bible studies; one with teenage girls and one with college girls.
i met one-on-one with many dear young ladies; five were weekly appointments, each one encouraging and uplifting.
i think my favorite part of ministry is seeing God answer prayers; the delight and thanksgiving and increased faith produced is remarkable.

i upgraded from no phone to a track phone to a dumb phone to a smart phone.
i still have no car.
i took the laces off my cordones and i love them now; they're especially traction-y on ice!
i was convinced by my youngest brother to upgrade our car rental to a dodge challenger, and thoroughly enjoyed every bit about it; it's something i would never have done alone.

i wrote some songs and played them for a variety of people; 2013 holds hope of an album.. for reals.
i led worship at church and at the college and in boise and at camp and for bible studies and prayer meetings.
i have yet to learn to make lefse; i suppose that shall be postponed until he new year, but happen it certainly shall.
i painted my nails probably upwards of 30 times.

i played a lot of dress-up with my nephews.
i baked many ciabattas and cookies and cakes.
i helped my brother and his family move into a beautiful new home.
i bid farewell to some dear friends who moved away in august; i'm delighted to pay them a long-overdue visit in three weeks' time.

those are just a few of the things that have happened.
i am grateful for two thousand twelve. i did not expect it to behave as it did, but i'm so blessed that it did.
looking forward to 2013, i'm eager and ready. it's going to be good, because the Lord is good, and all His work is done in faithfulness; and i belong to Him!