01 September 2012

the first of september.

hello, friends. it's been a good summer. i can't believe it's nearly over.

the Lord has been teaching me.
about walking in the Spirit.
about being kept in perfect peace when i stay my mind on Him.
about trusting Him, His Word and His character, implicitly.
about asking. abiding. sowing seeds. bearing fruit. walking in liberty.

the Lord has been blessing me.
with friends and sweet fellowship.
with His love for people like i've never before known.
with opportunities to pour out His love into people's lives.
with richness and contentedness and abundant satisfaction in Him, though outward circumstances have not particularly changed.
i don't have much of an opinion anymore, and it's glorious, because i've got Him; and He's got me.

the Lord has been at work.
i know He's working in your life as well, even when you don't see it.
maybe even especially when you don't see it.

put your confidence in Him.
He is your shield and your exceedingly great reward.
He has given you a way; commit it to Him, and He'll bring it to pass.
and don't forget to bless Him.
don't forget to love Him.
because He loved us first, and it's not about us and it's His work and all we have to do is abide.

what a sweet Saviour He is.