30 May 2013

Blessings Out of Buffetings

Consider the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ as He taught and confounded the so-called intellectualism of His day. The Spirit-taught mind is the portion of the person who, through waiting upon God, has been taught by the Spirit of God, and in whose life it is equally true that the foolishness of God is wiser than men, and who has within him the light and enlightenment of soul that can never be obtained from any university anywhere. It has come because it has been imparted by the Holy Spirit into the heart from heaven, "For He shall take of the things of Christ and reveal them unto you ... He shall guide you into all truth," in effect, said our Master. He it is who will take of the things of Christ and reveal them to you. He imparts truth to you as no other ever could. Is yours a Spirit-taught mind, a life with the ability in the Holy Spirit to teach what only He can impart?

Again, is there about our lives, as there was about the Lord Jesus (and how this hits home in these days of haste and feverish rush!), a leisureliness of spirit, a quietness of heart, a readiness day by day to wait upon Him for His guidance and direction? Or are we just blustering our way through at our own pace and in our own time, far outmatching the pace of God and leaving behind altogether the guiding of His Spirit? Is yours a leisurely heart today? Spiritual leisureliness and human pressures are not necessarily antagonistic to each other. If there was anybody who knew pressure upon Him, it was the Master, but in the midst of it all there was a divine leisureliness of soul. And this is what a feverish world needs to see and to have revealed to it: that quietness of spirit, that absence of strain and tension, that sense of release in the Spirit of Christ.

- Alan Redpath

13 May 2013

summer is

the sweetest and the best.