17 November 2012

the life of abraham

"Had not God pledged Himself to take care of him and to give him an inheritance?
There was no fear, therefore, that Lot could ever rob him of that which was guaranteed to him by the faithfulness of God.
And Abraham preferred a thousand times over that God should choose for him than that he should choose for himself.

The man who is sure of God can afford to hold very lightly the things of this world.
God Himself is his inalienable heritage, and in having God, he has all.
As we shall see, the man who "hedges" for himself does not do so well in the long run as the man who,
having the right of choice, hands it back to God, saying:
"Let others choose for themselves, if they please.
But as for me, You shall choose my inheritance for me."

Not mine -- not mine the choice
In things great or small;
Be Thou my Guide, my Guard, my Strength,
My wisdom and my All."

-fb meyer