24 December 2013

christmas eve gallivants.

well, today's christmas eve. i guess i only update on holidays! after a slow cozy morning, snowflakes softly began to drift from the sky, and as the temperature has warmed significantly since yesterday [all the way up to 19F baby! windchill has improved by 32 degrees, but -1F windchill is still a bit brisk], i bundled up and set my face toward the great outdoors for a trip trap through the fields and woods.

first i looked for a perfect charlie brown christmas tree. alas, i did not bring my handsaw.

alas, i also did not bring my snowshoes. we'll use them tomorrow.

spoiler alert: we're celebrating Wilderness Wednesday tomorrow. as a whole family. 

best christmas ever. pretty extremely excited about that.

so i walked and walked, through meadow and forest, finding this and admiring that, and ofttimes sprinting across the drifts to combat that awful wind, and eventually my extremities began to warm themselves.

i especially appreciated the dinky little trees. can you tell?
and then i beheld a haywagon ripe for the picture taking, and/or a blustery ride. so i ran across the snowdrifts to investigate.

and, of course, i promptly photobombed it for posterity's sake.

eventually i found the river, and watched the snow ice-skate across it.

found another charlie-esque evergreen, and headed back into the woods.

my face was frozen, but heart was happy and hands and feet were quite cozy.

which was good, since i promptly got lost in the woods. 
i guess sometimes taking the "path less traveled by" makes a different sort of difference...

well anyway, i eventually found the right path, found the car, cranked up the christmas tunes, got home, got warm, and sat down by the fire to enjoy the beautiful day.

happy christmas to all! [don't get lost in the woods.. for too long.]

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Anonymous said...

love love love!
Walks in the woods on Christmas are the best!! We were out too most of the morning. Ours involved 2 little boys, woods, a barn, goats a pony and foal :)happy sigh...
Merriest of christmases to u!
Bobby Jo