20 January 2014

I Could Never Outgive You

I could never outgive You
No I could never outgive You
All the earth's riches are stored up in Your house
And I'm about as consequential as a mouse
Pounding at Your door for a morsel

No, I could never out-take You
Yeah, I could never out-take You
Cause You said to ask but I'm always hanging back
Just wishing for the tiniest drop of a drink
Even though You told me to come

Cause You said come, ask, take, eat
Drink deep and be made new
And I'm always stopping, fretting, starving, stewing
What am I doing? But holding back in misery
Cause I could never outgive You, take You
You're right, You're God, You're strong, You are enough
And You've got some really, really big hands

I could never outdo You
No, I could never outdo You
My feeble attempts at counterfeiting effects
Are as a drop compared to the seas of Your might
If I'd only admit that I'm weak, and let Your strength be mine

Oh I could never outlove You
No, I could never outgrace You
I'm still wearing beggars' clothes when I've been given a throne
In Your house, by Your side, at Your word, through Your life
You'd think I would've realized it sooner

Cause You said, "Come to Me, all you weak
And dying under burdens that I never bestowed"
And You're ever taking, caring, holding, bearing
And giving me more than I could ever ask or imagine
Cause I could never outdo You, love You, grace You
No I could never outgive You, take You
By Your word and command You have stretched out Your hand
To the least of these and said,
"Come, come, come to My feast."

-akj, 17 January 2014
(new song, ask me and I'll email you the demo!)

1 comment:

Linda Johnson said...

Such a powerful reminder of God's goodness, His greatness. Living under the authority of our Living God.