28 January 2014

stormy wind, fulfilling His word.

first off, can we just acknowledge how amazing Psalm 148 is?? i was so blessed reading through it yesterday. "stormy wind, fulfilling His word" is just a small taste of its "heights" and "depths" [ha ha i love making Bible jokes; those are both in there]!

every single storm [whether literal or figurative] that comes into our lives is from the Lord and He will use it to accomplish His purposes in our lives! isn't that crazy? why are we so stupidly forgetful about that truth? why do we freak out and assume all is lost when our futile attempts don't work out? He is the Lord of heaven and earth, and there is no other God- obviously! He's got a plan, and it's so much higher than ours.

so check out psalm 148, cool kids!

on the current events side of things, we were able to have church on sunday [packed house! such a sweet day!], but the concert got cancelled due to every single road in our corner of the state being closed. haha, that would be a closed door. but the Lord was blessing us even through that [those stormy winds fulfilling His word, right?] by stranding my uncle and a couple new friends from iowa at our house overnight! we had an awesome time laughing and encouraging each other. the Lord knows what's up!

so here's the current "pray-for-me-please" calendar, "Lord willing and the creek don't rise"/the winds don't blow. [this winter has been really intense out here, if you hadn't heard about that/experienced it yet.]

pray with us that the Lord will continue to open and shut His doors in His timing!

tomorrow 29 jan: leading worship with bros/dad teaching at calvary chapel sioux falls, south dakota
saturday 1 feb: youth worship event in windom, mn with bros/other bros
sunday 2 feb: leading worship at our home church, calvary chapel marshall [and youngest bro leaves for CA! so blessed by his time at home this winter!]
monday 3 feb: concert/leading worship at campus crusade in town at SMSU
wednesday 5 feb: concert/teaching on worship/leading worship at shine on, another college ministry in town
saturday 8 feb: concert in tracy, mn
sunday 9 feb: leading worship at our church
tuesday 11 feb: middle bro leaves for italy! so blessed to have him around for all of these opportunities. we're musical kindred spirits/identical twins [well, kind of. not entirely. i have extremely awkward drumming coordination]. good news, all 3 of my bros and i will be playing a show together in june in a barn! EPICCCC. also, can we just acknowledge how awesome my brothers are? cause they are. and i love them a really really lot!

thanks for your prayers, everyone! don't despise those stormy winds, cause they're instruments to fulfill God's word.

For I know that this will turn out for my deliverance through your prayer and the supply of the Spirit of Jesus Christ. 
-Philippians 1:19

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